What is ACT therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy works on the premise that not every thought and feeling is pleasant. Instead of working on making these experiences less frequent, it concentrates on your attitude towards them.

ACT belongs to the “third wave” of behavioral therapies. The priority of them all is a holistic approach to psychology and behavior related to health and the so-called “well-being”. Connecting with the present for a rich and meaningful life experience is the goal.

What happens during ACT therapy online?

By using ACT therapy techniques and strategies like the Observing Self and cognitive defusion, I will show you how to deal with unpleasant sensations and states of mind. We will focus on being present in the moment and accepting that all cognitions and feelings come and go. We will build resilience to difficult and new situations instead of avoiding them. 

In online commitment and acceptance therapy, we will focus on the relationship with internal experiences (difficult thoughts, painful feelings, emotions, and impulses) so that we can fully engage in activities that are valuable to us. Here you will get to experience concepts such as awareness and opening up. 

My sessions will include aspects of Rogerian person-centered theory, ACT, and Schema theory. I tailor the mix to meet the needs of each individual client.

How is this effective? Everyone is different and no protocol is going to work for everyone. I do believe, however, that this mix of approaches is effective with many mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and much more.